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Our Nature.
Our Heritage.
Our Country.

Under threat.

Karijini National Park is in danger.

We call on Equinox Resources to reconsider their plans to develop another mine at the doorstep of Karijini National Park.

Sign the petition today to give your support and show Equinox Resources that their mine is not welcome in our beautiful country.

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What's happening?

Equinox Resources is preparing to develop their Hamersley Iron Ore Project on the very footsteps of Karijini. This area is a vital source of ground and surface water that nourishes Hamersley Gorge.


In Muntulgura Guruma country, natural billabongs and waterholes are damaged beyond repair. Giant mines tear the land to pieces. Haul roads and access roads disrupt the ecology of the region.

Equinox plan to begin drilling before the end of the year.

What's at stake?

Karijini National Park is the ancient heart of Western Australia's Pilbara region. Encompassing a landscape two and a half billion years old, this area holds stories of nature's grandeur and the deep connections between the Muntulgura Guruma people and this land they have occupied for millennia.

Our sacred country enchants travellers with unspoiled landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It invites people on a journey through time where the ancient traditions of our people meet the curiosity of visitors from around the world.

This country is our shared heritage.

What can you do?

We want to preserve what unspoiled country we have left for future generations.


We want to protect the great cultural significance of the landscape, the unique ecology of the region, and the stunning natural beauty of the area - for us and for the two hundred thousand visitors who come to admire the beauty of Karijini each year.

Our voices are falling on deaf ears.

We're asking the wider community to hold hands with us to protect what's left. Not just for us, but for everyone.

Show Equinox that you stand with us in our mission to protect Karijini by signing our petition.

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